Community Monthly Update – October 2023

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Welcome to the Community Monthly Update. This edition has updates from both September and October months.


Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source 2.4.7-beta2 

Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source 2.4.7-beta2 was released this month. They each include over 200 quality fixes and enhancements. Core Composer dependencies and third-party libraries have been upgraded to the latest available versions. These releases increase GraphQL coverage for custom attributes and GraphQL resolver caches. They also introduce support for recently updated FedEx and UPS services. See Release notes for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source.



Payment Services for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source

Payment Services for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source provides merchants with the peace of mind that they will be able to collect payment for all their orders in the way that shoppers want to pay.  Best of all, configuration and customization is done mainly from Admin so changing payment methods and customizing location and look and feel doesn’t require a cumbersome development and deployment process.  

Recently, we rolled out an integration with Signifyd’s risk and fraud protection solution.  Now, any Payment Services merchant will have comprehensive fraud coverage across all their payment methods offered by Signifyd, a leader in fraud mitigation.  In addition, we have automatically rolled out enhancements to our transactions report which provides more detail for transactions that are declined.  Merchants have visibility to understand why and order has been declined with the opportunity to save it and capture revenue.  Since Payment Services is a SaaS extension, this feature (along with others in the future) has been rolled out to all current merchants without an extension update or upgrade!

As always, if you have questions, need more information, or feedback for us, please reach out to Harrison Loveall (Sales), [email protected] or Ritesh Somani (Product), [email protected] for assistance.

Adobe is pleased to announce Adobe Commerce services updates, along with new security patches for Commerce merchants, both supported and on extended support. Read on for more information. 



Live Search: Intelligent Category Merchandising & Multi-Language Support 

Our October release delivers exciting news for our Live Search powered by Adobe Sensei merchants. With Intelligent Category Merchandising built into Live Search, merchants can now create and manage AI-powered rules to automatically change product sequencing on category pages according to shopper actions and affinities. Adobe Sensei delivers personalized in-session category merchandising at scale, thus optimizing discovery, conversion, and revenue. Re-rank search results and category pages for each unique shopper, merchandise at every level of your category tree, and experience Adobe Sensei’s powerful AI models with minimal effort.  

In addition to AI-powered category merchandising, Live Search has added support for multiple languages. Merchants can configure the language index for their catalog so that the search engine applies appropriate treatment of the text for better search relevancy and can set different languages for each storeview or website. This update brings more relevant searches and products to the shopper in the indexed language. 



Data Connection 

With this release, merchants can now use the Data Connection extension (also known as Adobe Experience Platform Connector) to collect and to send five years of order history to Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) and other Experience Cloud solutions. This data, combined with storefront behaviors and order status events (also collected by the extension), gives merchants a 360-degree view of shoppers to support deeper data analysis, audience segmentation, and personalized customer journeys. Learn more on Experience League. 



SaaS price indexing 

We have moved price indexing out of the Commerce application for Commerce Services (SaaS services) including Catalog Service, Product Recommendations, and Live Search. Businesses with large catalogs and dynamic pricing can reduce the time needed for price changes to be reflected to their shoppers by up to 90%. The latest SaaS price indexing update makes it easier for merchants to utilize. It now supports all product types, and we have removed extra steps previously required to setup the feeds. Install or update to the latest version of any of our SaaS services to take advantage of these new updates. Read more 



Extensibility and developer experience updates 

A few extensibility and developer experience updates are also included in this release. 

Extended Commerce business processes while lowering the cost of maintenance 

Webhooks for Adobe Commerce enable developers to easily extend processes such as checkout without customizing the Commerce application. Webhooks can make calls to external (third party) services for data or business logic when certain events occur in Adobe Commerce. For example, a shopper adding their shipping address can invoke a call to a third-party service to calculate shipping costs and return it to the checkout process in real-time using Webhooks. This new extension point can be used for a wide variety of real-time use cases including tax calculations, inventory and price checks, address, and payment card validations, among others. Developers can build these integrations without customizing the core application code, leading to simpler maintenance and upgrades.  



Enhanced capabilities for composable storefronts and developer experience 

API Mesh now supports integrations with SOAP-based services from legacy systems. With this update, developers can orchestrate API from SOAP, REST, and GraphQL services to build composable storefronts. Easily extend, secure, and transform data from multiple sources while abstracting the complexity from your storefront. Updated developer tooling makes it easier to manage configuration files and environment variables, while improving collaboration. Additionally, developers can now run, test, and debug API Mesh locally, leading to improved efficiency.  



Security Updates 

With our October release, the following security patches are also available for supported Commerce customers and those on extended support. For more information on these security updates, refer to the security bulletin. 




Extended Support: 






Build event-driven Adobe Commerce integrations with AWS Services 

With general availability expected by end of 2023, Adobe I/O Events can natively send events originating in Adobe Commerce and other Adobe solutions to Amazon EventBridge. Using this integration, over 700 Commerce events, covering areas like product catalog, order status, and customer account updates, can be routed to services running on AWS. Developers can build event-driven integrations in a low code environment that are easy to maintain. To participate in the Early Access program, contact Surya Lamech or Kanika Gera. 



Community Prioritization Process for Magento Open Source 


The Magento Open Source Community Prioritization Process  initiative empowers the community to influence the Magento Open Source roadmap and code base by upvoting the pull requests that brings most value to them. We then pick the most up voted PRs (Pull Requests) to work on and add them to the community dashboard with a purple label – “Project: Community Picked.” 

We picked up a fresh batch of 15 pull requests on Oct 13. We publish a monthly update on pull requests picked under this process. The progress update for this month will be out next week.

Please check the real time status of all the pull requests added under this process on the dashboard.

If you missed our earlier updates on community prioritization process, please visit the DevBlog. 

Don’t miss your chance to influence Adobe’s roadmap for Magento Open Source!




Adobe Developers Live 




Adobe Developers Live brings together content and commerce developers with diverse backgrounds and a singular purpose – to create incredible end-to-end composable experiences using Edge Delivery services in Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Commerce. This conference is scheduled for NA/EMEA on Monday, Nov 6, 2023, and for APAC (and encompassing time zones), Nov 15, 2023. This event features community networking and important developer updates including deep dive sessions on Edge Delivery services, headless capabilities, extensibility, composability and productivity tools—all to enable developers to build secure, high impact shopping experiences with speed and ease. Register today 



2024 Adobe Experience Maker Awards

The future of customer experience starts with digital innovators. We’re seeking visionaries who have set a bold new digital standard in their organizations and industries over the past year. If that’s you, apply to be recognized as remarkable in one or more of our 11 categories for the 2024 Adobe Experience Maker Awards, including the Disruptor award which recognizes the company delivering personalized, immersive shopping experiences for B2C, B2B, or hybrid customers and fueling growth using Adobe Commerce. Learn more and apply today.



Upcoming Events 


Meet Magento Netherlands 

Nov 2, 2023

Join the Magento open source community in Amsterdam for a great day of learning, networking and having lots of fun. For more details, check here.



Meet Magento Florida

Jan 31-Feb 1, 2024

Meet Magento Florida is planned to be a global event focused on bringing together the Adobe Commerce community; including merchants, industry leaders, technology partners, experienced developers, retailers, and service providers, as well as acclaimed Magento and Adobe Commerce professionals. For more details, check here.



Meet Magento India

Feb 10, 2024

Meet Magento India is presenting an amazing opportunity for you to fully immerse yourself in the world of eCommerce. For tickets and details, check here.




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