Community Monthly Update – December 2023

Hello all!

It is hard to believe that we’re at the end of 2023. Here goes the last newsletter of the year.


Community Prioritization Process 


The Magento Open Source Community Prioritization Process  initiative celebrated its 1st anniversary this November.  This initiative empowers the community to influence the Magento Open Source roadmap and code base by upvoting the pull requests that brings most value to them. We then pick the most up voted PRs (Pull Requests) to work on and add them to the community dashboard with a purple label – “Project: Community Picked.” 


We picked up a fresh batch of 10 pull requests on Dec 18, 2023. So far we have pulled in 156 pull requests for processing under this initiative.We publish a monthly update on pull requests picked under this process. The progress update for this month will be out soon.

Please check the real time status of all the pull requests added under this process on the dashboard.

If you missed our earlier updates on community prioritization process, please visit the DevBlog. 

Don’t miss your chance to influence Adobe’s roadmap for Magento Open Source!




Payment Services for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source

Payment Services for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source provides merchants with the peace of mind that they will be able to collect payment for all their orders in the way that shoppers want to pay.  Best of all, configuration and customization is done mainly from Admin so changing payment methods and customizing location and look and feel doesn’t require a cumbersome development and deployment process.  

We have expanded our geographical reach! In limited release, Payment Services launches a basic version that offers credit, debit, and PayPal payment methods to around 200 countries and regions worldwide.  We will be rolling this out more broadly in January.  If you can’t wait and want to learn how to jumpstart your Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source site today with all the payment methods, reach out to Harrison Loveall (Sales), [email protected].

As always, if you have questions, need more information, or feedback for us, please reach out to Harrison Loveall (Sales), [email protected] or Ritesh Somani (Product), [email protected] for assistance.




Conditional webhooks are now supported. They enable developers to easily extend processes such as checkout without customizing the Commerce application. Webhooks can make calls to external (third party) services for data or business logic when certain events occur in Adobe Commerce.

For example, a shopper adding their shipping address can invoke a webhook that makes one of several calls to a third party shipping service. If the address is in the US or Canada, the webhook queries for Federal Express rates. If the address is in a specified list of European countries, DHL rates are queried.

This new extension point can be used for a wide variety of real-time use cases including tax calculations, inventory and price checks, address, and payment card validations, among others. Developers can build these integrations without customizing the core application code, leading to simpler maintenance and upgrades.


The Admin UI SDK added support for multiple extension points, including the ability to add buttons to the Orders page, mass actions on the Orders grid, and columns to the Products grid.

Events can now be defined in the Commerce app/etc/io_events.xml file, instead of limiting their availability to individual modules. In addition, conditional events now support nested fields, allowing for better control for when an event is triggered.




Adobe Summit – The Digital Experience Conference

March 26–28, 2024 | Las Vegas and online

March 25 | Preconference


Extraordinary growth starts at Summit.

Come together with Experience Makers from all over the world to explore new trends and innovations, expand your skills, and learn from the brands forging the future of experience-led growth.

Register by February 13 to save US$200 with standard pricing. Contact your Adobe rep to save an additional $200.




Don’t miss your chance to apply for the 2024 Adobe Experience Maker Awards

Now is your opportunity to share your exceptional customer experiences and join visionary leaders from around the globe setting a new digital standard. The final deadline for submissions for the 2024 Adobe Experience Maker Awards has been extended to December 22 at 11:59 pm PST. Apply to be recognized as remarkable in one or more of our 11 categories, including the Disruptor award which recognizes the company delivering personalized, immersive shopping experiences for B2C, B2B, or hybrid customers and fueling growth using Adobe Commerce. 

Apply today



Share your Rockstar-worthy innovation with Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce Rockstar gives partners and customers the opportunity to showcase the innovative use cases they’ve built on Adobe Commerce. Have you developed an innovative app, extension, integration, or tool for Commerce that you use with your customers? If so, submit your entry to participate in Adobe Commerce Rockstar. Rockstar is your opportunity to wow your peers and Commerce customers with your Commerce skills, build your personal brand, and share your expertise with a global audience. Each of the top three submissions will receive a complimentary Summit pass, a badge for use on social media, and the opportunity to present at the 2024 Adobe Summit in Las Vegas. 


Submissions are due by January 19, 2024. To participate or learn more, visit the Rockstar page. Don’t hold back. Submit your story and inspire the entire Adobe Commerce community.



Upcoming Events 


Meet Magento Florida

Jan 31-Feb 1, 2024

Meet Magento Florida is planned to be a global event focused on bringing together the Adobe Commerce community; including merchants, industry leaders, technology partners, experienced developers, retailers, and service providers, as well as acclaimed Magento and Adobe Commerce professionals. For more details, check here.



Meet Magento India

Feb 10, 2024

Meet Magento India is presenting an amazing opportunity for you to fully immerse yourself in the world of eCommerce. For tickets and details, check here.




As we say goodbye to 2023, I want to thank you all for being part of this vibrant community.Thank you for your continued contributions and engagement.

Looking forward to an exciting 2024 with you all!  Happy Holidays!



See you next year,
Parul Sinha



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